Monica Escobedo

Benefitting Give An Hour

Beloved television producer, Monica Escobedo, survived the unthinkable. For the first time, she talks about the details of the day she lost her brother, mother and father in a murder-suicide at her childhood home.

Monica courageously shares her story of loss, love, intuition and why she chooses to honor her mentally ill brother in spite of his final act. Her strength, honesty and life perspective will leave you astounded and inspired.

In today’s episode

  • Monica’s premonition and trying to find her mom and dad (5:50)

  • Monica learns that her mother has died (6:35)

  • She is told she has lost her father and brother as well (12:05)

  • Learning her brother had been going to target practice (15:37)

  • Forgiving her brother and his final act (19:18)

Wise Words

  • “If I could advise anyone, trying to counsel a friend going through something. It's say something, even though you don't know what to say, say, “Hey, I'm here for you.” (21:15)

  • “Your life can change in an instant. It really makes me appreciate the moment a bit more. Even if it's a rough day, I try to think about what I'm thankful for.”  (39:08)

  • “I am really self-disciplined. I think when there's no parents to kick your butt or encourage you, that you realize how self-motivated you have to be. But if you keep motivating yourself and putting one front in front of the other ... And maybe I could only do a baby step at first, but eventually, you can reach the top of the mountain.” (38:15)

  • “I am the sister of a shooter. I see how signs can be ignored. I think I had blinders on, and even though I locked my door because I was a little bit scared of him, I didn't really hone in on it. And looking back, I wish that I had kind of focused on it a bit more, and made more of an effort to try to really get some other figure involved, to get him help.” (37:35)