Matt Pohlson

Benefitting Folds of Honor

Tech entrepreneur, Matt Pohlson, is the co-founder and CEO of Omaze. His company has raised over 130 million dollars for charities around the world by auctioning off once in a lifetime experiences — think a walk on role in Star Wars or being George Clooney’s date on the red carpet.

Matt opens up about his near death experience while flatlining for over 4 minutes and spending days in a coma. He shares how his mom saved his life, what he experienced on “the other side” and how he views his relationships and company in an entirely new light. He also makes us laugh and throws in a funny and romantic love story.

In Today’s Episode

  • Signs that something was wrong (6:50)

  • Flatlining for 5 minutes and his experience on “the other side” (11:33)

  • The machine and doctors that saved his life (21:43)

  • How his mom’s presence and strength as witnessed her son flatline (27:33)

  • Matt’s finally has a 2nd date with his now girlfriend in his hospital room (33:09)

Wise Words

  • They didn't know her son. It was this very spiritual experience for her. She said it was like ... and it just gave her this strength, and so she gathered herself, and she turned back to the table, and she started coaching me. Coaching me back. She said, "Matthew David Pohlson, these people are fighting to save your life. They are fighting so hard to save your life, but you're not fighting hard enough. You gotta fight, Matthew David Pohlson! You gotta show them that you're a fighter! You gotta fight to come back! These people are fighting to save your life." (11:09)

  • And I remember just fighting and fighting and fighting, and just like, it felt like an infinitely long journey.  Then I remember the moment of just like, bursting back into the world, and feeling that feeling of ... oh, my gosh, the journey. I'm here. I'm back. And looking at my mom, and looking at my dad, and then, there's just like, this moment of pure joy. Where I felt connected to everything in the world, all at once. (15:06)

  • I mean, I was gone. All the doctors were saying, I was gone. I was out of that body. Because they said, it's very uncommon, or not very uncommon ... they've never seen someone flatline, and then, open up their eyes, and lift their hand and give a thumbs up. (15:49)

  • "But do you remember what you wrote?" I said, "No." He said, "You wrote, the first thing you wrote was, 'Tell my mom that I fought so hard." (29:57)

  • "Look, before you leave, I want you to understand something. When I finish my career, 30 years from now, and I'm talking about the most extraordinary case I've ever seen, this is gonna be it.” (33:55)

  • I would say everything you want is on the other side of fear. We create these fears so often for ourself, that get in the way of so much that we want to do, or people we want to love, or ... but know that, and when you overcome that fear, just know that the love you put out can change people's lives in ways that you may never be able to see, but it matters. (44:10)


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