Cassie McKee

Benefitting Little People of America

Cassie McKee is Kimi's cousin and one of the people Kimi looks up to most in her life (and not just because Cassie is a world class bedazzler). Cassie has a form of dwarfism called Achondroplasia, which her husband and kids have as well. In this episode, she opens up to Kimi about what it's like living as a family of little people in an average sized world, genetics, parenting, and why she has made it her mission to meet strangers' curiosity about her and her family with open, honest dialogue and a warm, friendly smile.

Wise Words

  • “Everybody has something to give.”

  • “Accept differences of all kinds.”

  • “Living with a more apparent or more visible difference has made me realize that we all have a common desire or common need to feel human.”


Laine Carlsness