Matt Long

Benefitting I Will Foundation

Matt Long’s extraordinary life story is a lesson in the power of perseverance. The best selling author, motivational speaker and former New York City firefighter has been to the brink and back. TWICE! Matt survived 9/11 and eventually found himself depressed, overweight and turning to booze to heal his emotional wounds. He rebuilt his life and body when he decided to turn things around and become an elite athlete and Iron Man.

Four years later, Matt was hit by a 40,000 Ib. bus on an early morning bike ride to work. His body was nearly severed in half and Long was given a 5 % chance to live. Three years and 43 surgeries later, he fought his way back to the finish line of the New York City Marathon and completed another Ironman. Long was named as one of the top 25 fittest men in the the world by Men's Fitness.

Matt shares why he would not take the day of his accident back, the power of mindset and why waking up with intention and the words "I WILL" is the only way to start your day.

In today’s episode

  • What it was like to be a fireman on September 11 (14:00)

  • Matt is hit by a 20 ton bus on an early morning bike ride  (22:45)

  • Finding the will to go on - one small step at a time  (34:45)

  • His wisdom and new perspective on life after surviving and thriving after two unthinkable experiences  (46:15)

Wise Words

  • I just, as a fireman, I always pride myself on being so happy to go to work. There’s not many people in this world that love going to work. Firemen love going to work and weeks, months after 9/11, I didn’t love going to work anymore, and I couldn’t go to work if I wasn’t sipping a beer. My whole outlook on life had changed. (23:14)

  • And the worse damage was, like you said, I was basically cut in half. My right leg they described to me as no longer functionally attached to my body. (37:00)

  • The depression I was having wasn’t a full out pity party, wasn’t a “Why me?” specifically. “Why did I get hit by this bus?” It was more of, “Why did I live?” (39:30)


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